This book is a compilation of one hundred essays published at my Blog “Author’s Diction”. The essays are about my perception of World Literature, written objectively by first finding a neutral territory to stand and then perceive the truth in its totality. If you differ, the lack of is mine.

The journey began in June 2013, after self-publishing my few novels I was promoting my books as Salesman. During the journey the first epiphany was that I am not a good salesman. I am supposed to write for my own sake only. It was good revelation, since it made my journey comfortable.

I believed in the theories and -isms, but during the course of the journey I reached to the conclusion that the literature is only ‘a tale of the joys and sorrows’ and this paradigm shift helped me grow as a writer.

I am thankful to my family, friends and teachers who supported me in this endeavour.

Jodhpur Vipin Behari Goyal

19 March 2016 Author


1. Echo Of Silence

2. Write to fill the void

3. Facts about Fiction

4. A Passage To India By E.M.Forster

5. Philosophical Poems The Stolen Boat By William Wordsworth

6. Miseries of Modern Man as depicted by Harold Pinter in the play The Caretaker


8. Stream of Collective Unconsciousness

9. Secret of Cosmos in Vedic Literature

10. Old Age in Literature

11, Virginia Woolf : The Unsolved Mystery of Her Death

12. A country in Romance

13. The Unspoken Agony of the Girl in The Last Ride Together by Robert Browning

14. The Hindu Caste System and identification of Archetypes based on the collective unconscious

15.The Art of Story Writing


17.Hollow Modern Women castigated By T.S. Eliot in The Waste Land

18. Dilemma of Modern Man expounded by T.S.Eliot in “The Wasteland”

19. Men will never be equal to Women

20. Sins of Individualism

21. Three Girls on the Bridge in Search of Identity

22. Rousseau and Broken Bridge

23. Waiting for Godot: An Absurd Drama by Samuel Beckett

24. Too Young For Nuptial Tie

25. To Beef Or Not To Beef

26. Why a Journalist is awarded Nobel Prize in Literature 2015

27. A Doll’s House By IBSEN — A play that can save marriages

28. Management Skills in Literature

29. Judicial Activism Precedes Military Activism: Travesty of Justice

30. Mortal Sins By Immortal Men

31. Selfie and Good Manners ~ Learn from Kate Nash

32. High Profile Crime and Punishment

33. Anger in Love : Love in Anger

34. Religion and Cult :Radhey Maa

35. Slumber is More Sweet Than Toil

36. Ashes to ashes, Dust to dust~Gabriel Garcia Marquez

37. Porn, Literature and Law



40. Mumbai Lovebirds will be extinct

41. Enjoy Your Superstition

42. Indian Literature in Desi English

43. Marital Rape

44. Games Spouse Play

45. Trial of Killer Robot

46. Grey Zone Of LGBT

47. Philosophy is Dead, Long live the Science

48. Carl Jung’s Theory and Literature

49. The Charms of Domestic Violence

50. The Gender of God

51. A Tale of Castrated Bull

52. Ultimate Goal of Artist and Writers — Supervoid

53. Is US ready for woman President

54. Right to Fall from Grace

55. The Hybrid Woman

56. Post Colonial Literature ~ a misnomer

57. Why Amartya Sen wants to quit Nalanda University

58. Old Order Changeth Yielding Place to New

59. Things Fall Apart

60. Women in Combat Role

61. Is World a Museum?

62. Mood Swings and Creative Persons

63. Does Utilitarianism Concedes Terrorism

64. Make -Up Your Break-Up

65. Wish You A Happy Break-Up :You Deserve Better

66. Wish you happy Break-Up: Real Life -Style

67. Wish you a Happy Break-Up: In Literary Style


69. Mysticism in English Literature

70. Simplicity Personified in Literature

71. In The Honor of Oldest Profession

72. Contemporary Pastoral English Literature

73. Authors can’t afford to be a Hypocrite

74. Public Display of Affection

75. Age of Wisdom in English Literature

76. Stealing the Ideas is The Idea

77. The Adultery in Literature

78. Irresponsible literature in the shadow of Mythology

79. Abusing Human Life~Children’s Day Special

80. Contemporary Feminism In Indian English Novels

81. Renaissance of Indian youth By Kiss Of Love

82. How to determine your Literary Quotient

83. The World is Conical

84. Why an Author is anti-bourgeois ?

85. Wonderful Small Books

86. The facts about Self-Publishing a novel

87. Alia Bhatt- Brainless Beauty is youth icon

88. Cover Page of Novels By Vipin Behari Goyal


90. Fooled by Translation

91. Honesty is the best policy

92. Fiction and Philosophy

93. Pulp fiction Versus Kerosene literature

94. The future of English fiction writers in India (2)

95. Why Murakami did not get a Nobel?

96. Modern Masters of English Literature

97. The future of English fiction writers in India

98. Break Your Glass-Ceiling

99. Little madness is necessary

100. An Author, Salesman and artisanal Publisher

Vipin Behari Goyal