How Smart Phones have Changed SEO

Search engine optimization is part of often misunderstood and complicated world of digital marketing which always keeps changing and evolving, leaving behind many confused souls who are left scratching their heads in bewilderment which often times leads to frustration. But this is only natural because the rule of evolution has always been if you cannot keep up, you are going to fall from the way side and that is what smart phones have done to the complex world of SEO.

It is bad enough Google from time to time comes up with new directive which has to be accepted, acknowledged and implemented like it was an order given by the Pope himself. Mind you the Pope has less power than Google but it is nice analogy. So even after singing praise about Google I will not be rewarded, hence I will proceed to point “How Smart Phones have Changed SEO.”

· More people access the net using a smart phone or other mobile devices

· People share more information like funny posts and videos

· Young people share more affiliation to videos then content

· People in general read more what is on the net through their mobile devices

Now when SEO companies like Digit Bazar would analyze this information and so would many other companies involved in this business, it is only natural to come up with SEO strategy which supports this new trend.

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