Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development and exposure

LinkedIn has a repository of nearly 400 million professionals from almost every field worldwide and is equally effective as any other social networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. To think of LinkedIn as just a recruitment tool will be the big understatement because many times new businesses or partnership are forged through contacts and when so many professionals are in one single platform talking business it must not be ignored.

So if you are starting a new business it’s not very difficult to gain momentum using your LinkedIn account because people all over the world are doing that and here are few points to remember.

1. Always stay connected by starting with your school friends and ex-collogues

2. Use the “Email” effectively because you can reach anyone without any bottleneck

3. Linkedin has a very good search facility and you can save your search criteria to get a weekly report, listing anyone who matches your profile for connection.

4. Also, Linkedin gives you a very good opportunity to keep tabs on your competition

5. Give as must information about your profile and keep updating it because it will give you more exposure

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