How to Market SaaS Apps ?

After the inception of Basecamp ( 37signals )and salesforce there is a constant flood of SaaS apps. Well, why there is a constant flood of SaaS apps? Almost everyday SaaS products are bombarding in every domain.

Let me clarify again what i did in my first post “All business advices are myth —

So there are great amount of chances that those advices may not work at your business.

If you will search in google how to market your apps or saas apps, you will find 10’s and 1000’s of post like “do these 10 things and your business will be in 8 figure or 100 figure or zillion figure

But that is not true at all. Its the same like-

Learn programming in 10 weeks or 10 days but that is stupid you can not learn programming or anything in just 10 days, its impossible.

You can learn “hello world” or basic codes but can not understand the complete programming. There is very famous article on the same by Peter

Norvig —

The same concept Applies to the Saas Business as well.

What i truly believe is every product and every business is unique and every product need to have a story. If you dont have create one.

First of all you need to understand B2B products always have a longer conversion cycle it's not like selling same consumer goods. It does require good amount of time to understand the market as well as customer needs.

What we really understood about marketing SAAS product by building our two SAAS products -

What i am going to share with you is real experience not a single shot Advice but again its my advice it may not work at your business so be very sure :)

Educating Your Customers / Users :

If you are creating something let's say television set almost every person is aware of the TV set so its not like something very new right? Yes, of course there are changes happening over there but for sure its not something very new and almost everyone is aware of it.

Unlike TV Set UVdesk is unique ecommerce driven helpdesk system. Well how anyone knows about what the HECK is UVdesk its kind of LAMP? funny isnt it? NOT really :). I am not going in detailing of the nomenclature of the app. For sure will do another writeup about naming of your SAAS apps :)

First of all UVdesk is a vertical product its different and more focused towards e-commerce Market and marketplaces. So This is the story of the product. I am sure that you should have a story about your product as well. But still people are not aware of it how does it work?

so your first job is to educate the users how does it really work and what kind of pain point it solves. There can be various medium of educating customers. Example -

  • Proper Video Explanation- which i think is quite effective we have built tons of videos and still building it.
  • Proper User Guide- It looks old right? well may be but it does work. The main Important factor is “User guide position”. You need to provide user guide on demand its not like there must be different repo or something. Let me share an example — As you can see here When an Agent Mr Rajesh is going to create a workflow. He can see, associated information right after it.
  • Personalised Product Explanation- But what i think even after so much material user don't understand how does it works actually? Thats why you must must have a complete personalized demo of the product to the users. I know i know its time consuming but you need to do it.

How we are doing the same by building a small booking app for the demo. Please check here — . For sure there can be various methods of teaching your customers or users about your product. Try all of them as much as you can.

  • Full packed knowledgebase — This is something we got to know after discussing in online demo of the product. As we discuss a lot to the customers thats why the required to have a complete call session with us. And many times we got to know that i tried to find the information but i couldnt.

Well, What the heck we did almost everything but still ? Yes, My dear friend most of the customers are in hurry and instead of searching and investing time in video series or user guide they want an on demand solution. So we have sorted that out ? By creating loads of knowledge bases

Integrations with different Platforms :

This Is something every SAAS business need to do. As there are tons of platforms exist like in our case we created integrations for almost every platforms including

  • Shopify
  • Magento / Magento 2
  • Wordpress
  • Bigcommerce
  • Volusion
  • Prestashop
  • Wordpress
  • cs-cart
  • Joomla
  • Odoo & many more.

And almost every marketplace from Ebay to Amazon and from Etsy to Flipkart

Creating integration for those platforms will for sure increase the signup at your SAAS app.

Regular Content Marketing & Sharing-

Sharing your real experience not that something like disney land “convert million users in 30 days” Funny :) to the users. Mistakes which you did or changes which you made and things get changes. Really sharing is good its like chef model sharing cooking tips with that great details.

Also sharing not just about product about everything Hiring, Valuation, Legal, Salary, Culture Everything. This is a part of building a story as well.

But again as i said you really need to do over a constant period of time. There are some startups which got funded and then you see ads everywhere but that doesnt mean they are profitable. I have written about the same in my previous post —

Slow is Good & less is Awesome —

Yes 100% everyone rush towards getting millions of users billion of valuations well it may matters in some sort of business but what i really think almost every big sustainable business model takes years to be an unicorn. When your customer are less in number you really care a lot about them in every details it doesnt means if you grow then you dont care. But most of the startups failed in the same.

Startups care more about Investor rather customers.

What i really think is customers are real investors and no company in this world can grow without recurring customer. So your product or Service must empower them.

So if your SaaS app is growing slowly and you are not coming in press release or in TV but you are profitable that means everything is awesome. But you are everywhere TV, Press but business in loss that means DUDE you are in real Trouble.