Innovation— Ain’t so difficult

We all want to build something innovative and cool. We all want to follow the path of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or (if they are too old for you then) Mark Zuckerberg. Just like these innovators, you want to revolutionize the world as well. According to Eric Ries, the author of Lean Start-up — a methodology for developing businesses and products, an Entrepreneur needs passion, disciple and strategy for success. Most of the companies are also focusing on innovation and creating an atmosphere for the rise of Intrepreneurs. Entrepreneur or Intrepreneurs, you will be always be a part of innovation.

And the best way to learn about innovation is by actually doing it. We all need the answer for the “where to begin” questions. You are at the right place. Through a series of blogs, I will share my learning and experience which will provide you the tool needed to build something INNOVATIVE.

First, let me give you a brief introduction about myself. I brand myself as a Rookie Entrepreneur with a lot of passion for designing innovative and creative products. Why should you read a blog written by a mere rookie? Well, I have been in a position where I wanted to do something big and innovative but I did not have the right tool or experience. I read a lot about Design Thinking, Lean Start-up, Agile and 1000 other similar methodologies, but still I had no idea where to start. If you are or were in a similar position then this blog will be the right place to begin your Journey. I have assembled a tool kit in a series of blogs combining concepts and executions from all methodologies which will be your Sam for your journey to the Sindarin or to become a creative innovator.

Do you want to change the world by building a creative and innovative solution to a problem or need? … Yes??

Understanding each part of this question is the secret key to be an awesome innovator. Amazed? Interestingly, whenever I ask this question to people, I always get a higher count of YESES in a middle school than in a Graduate school. Why young children show more creativity and ambition than an experienced MBA graduate? The answer lies behind one of the most interesting book, Creative Confidence. The Kelley brothers from the IDEO group, which is one of the most innovative company, provide the reason behind the lack of creative confidence. Luckily, they also shared a book which talks about the strategy on how to tackle this problem.

However, I am tackling problems beyond creative confidence. I believe that each one of us has the right mindset, skills, creativity and passion needed to be an innovator. I am here to share the right path to achieve your dream.

With an assumption that everyone has creativity and innovation in them, I will remove those two words from the above question, the remaining part of the question is

build a solution to a customer’s problem or need

A lot of us do not realize that understanding the customer’s problem or need is more important than the solution itself. Yes, exactly, the PROBLEM! I still remember a line which my professor, Joe Bailey, told us on the first day of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation class.

Fall in love with the problem and work hard on solving it.

He is absolutely right about it. You should be in love with the problem and then only you will be passionate enough to actually solve it.

Want to know, how can you fall in love the problem in a day, just like how Jack fell in love with Rose on the deck of Titanic. Check out my next part Chapter 1: Love the Problem.

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