5 Amazing Features of the Latest Android Version That You Should Know About: Android Oreo

Are you still on Android Nougat? Update? Change your Smartphone?

Google has launched the beta version of its new Android version, Android O, in the Google I/O 2017 Developer Conference. Google has never left any chance to amaze all its users and this new version has similar plans to completely change the look of Android; new navigation, user experience, emoji and app icons et-cetera.

Isn’t this amazing & exciting?

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Google has loaded its baby with some amazing features, which will make you fall in love with the new Android operating system. I am lacking in my adjective knowledge when it comes to Android O; it simply is enthralling, elated, fun, happy and just amazing.

Much Awaited Features

The following are some of those features:

  • Fluid Experience

Multi-tasking is the new road towards advanced technology. Google has exploited this feature to incorporate it in Android O, to make our lives experiences more productive and smooth. It allows its users to move on their favorite apps at a single time by long pressing the home screen. You can move from one app to another without completely closing it i.e. watch a video on YouTube and simultaneously chat with your friends on WhatsApp, with this option.

Do you know what Tensor Flow is?

Google Brain has developed an open source library for machine learning by the name Tensor Flow. It was originally developed for internal use, but was later released in Apache 2.0 open source library.

To enhance user experience, Google uses Tensor Flow Lite to use LSTM (Long Short Term Memory) feature. The latest version has a new framework which comprises some components of AI and its hardware, which accelerates the features of the neutral network.

  • Picture-in-Picture (PIP)

This is a multi-screen feature, which allows you to go on the home screen and tap on some another app to use it simultaneously. It basically minimizes the size of the first app (e.g. video) as a small popover, while you use the phone for WhatsApp and other apps.

  • Notification Dots

It is the latest, funky style of notification pop ups on the device, where whenever you receive a notification, it will come on the screen as an app icon dot to aware the users about the availability of action. Long pressing on the dot will allow you to display the action in detail. It is planned to be fully functional by the launch of the complete version.

  • Autofill

It is a long-in-use feature of Google Chrome, but Google has incorporated it in the new Android version, where you can forget using memo or text message to save your credentials because the feature will remember your password & username to quickly sign-in to different apps on the device. It makes the user experience smooth and convenient.

  • Vitals

It is basically a guard which will protect your smartphone and enhance your experience. It will improve security, OS optimization and battery life; removing the need of Antivirus software as Google Play Protect will scan all the apps when you will install them from the Play Store.

Welcome OREO &Goodbye Nougat!

Stay tuned for more updates on its feature.

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