7 Benefits of Smartphone Apps for Different Sizes of Businesses

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The narrow thinking of individuals make them think that only bigger brands shall have mobile apps for their businesses like Walmart, Banks and clothing stores et-cetera. Instead, these brands are already established and in the eyes of the consumers. Mid-sized and smaller businesses need recognition and brand establishment; mobile apps being the latest path.

Benefits of Smartphone Apps

There are many mobile app development solutions available for individuals who aim to make their mark on the Digital World and create the best business app possible for their industry. The following is a list of top benefits for businesses, who has a mobile app for their consumers:

1. Visible to Customers at All Times

Studies have shown that smartphone users use their phones more than 2–3 hours every day. Even though, the user uses the same apps all day, but being “in the way” is great for marketing as well. When he unlocks the screen, scrolls and scans the phone to get to his desired app, he sub-consciously sees the business app and it stays in his mind. A well-designed icon with amazing text always catches the eye.

2. A Direct Marketing Channel

There are various uses of smartphone apps like general information, prices, search options, messengers, news, booking forms and hundreds more.

One of the biggest benefits of mobile apps for a business is that it can be used to provide all the information about special sales, promotions, coupons and changes, directly to the consumer on a one-on-one basis through push notifications. The direct interaction is an attractive feature for the consumer and helps to remind him on a regular basis about the products & services of the business.

3. Provides Value

Apps can be used as loyalty programs for the users. Consumers can collect rewards digitally, instead of the age-old cards. It might be responsible for more downloads and more loyal customers.

4. Brand Establishment and Recognition

A mobile app is a useful tool for increasing brand awareness. The following can briefly explain the two benefits:

· Brand Establishment

An app is an empty canvas which can be used to make the brand stylish, functional, attractive, informative, hip and perfect, for all the targeted consumers all over the world. It can be branded and used for brand establishment purposes.

· Brand Recognition

This aspect helps the consumer to be more involved with the business app, which inclines him to buy the product or experience the services. It is basically effective frequency advertising which simply makes the consumer listen or read about the brand 20–25 times a day, which ensures that he noticed it.

5. Customer Engagement

Every business requires to develop a method via which their customers can contact them. A message feature in the mobile app makes a really huge difference in terms of communication because not every individual wishes to talk on the call and share their review; making the messaging aspect a big deal. Consumers can share their reviews, suggestions, improvements and even complaint about different departments of the business.

6. Stand-out From the Competition

The idea of mobile apps is still not that popular in terms of small businesses, which makes it an even more attractive proposition, as individuals can establish their digital presence before their competition and stay ahead of the game throughout. A futuristic approach.

7. Customer Loyalty

The most important reason for this popularity of mobile apps is customer loyalty. The noise created by roadside banners, billboards, digital ads and email marketing has caused the consumer to stay consumed, while mobile apps allows the consumer to stay loyal to a particular brand and view all the related advertising directly on the app. A direct connection with the brand is really valuable in terms of customer acquisition and improving brand values.

Avail the Benefits before its Too Late!

Individuals are focusing on apps like Instagram, Facebook and Uber, which are the big players. What they do not understand is the fact that small businesses require more recognition and a mobile app is one of the best ways for the same.

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