Yes every reader says that, but does reading anything gives pleasure or some books or fantasies give pleasure?

So lets find it out together, I personally never feel pleasure while reading a news paper or some business journals, because nothing is driving my glands to produce hormones in me, nothing is scary so that it can rush adrenaline in me, nothing is romantic, everything is just so bookish and informative, nothing is compelling me to sit for hours and read.So I thought reading is not as pleasure as the readers say, but when i started reading some novels and fantasies I realized that how interesting books are and how much pleasure we can find through reading. Ok lets see how a book can do so much to you that you would skip your meal or sleep or an important meeting to complete reading it.I’ll explain it through my personal experience with my first book which made a reader and never stopped reading.

So when I started this interesting book “The Alchemist” I got connected to the book and involved into the story when that guy decides to go beyond his borders and explore new horizons I got connected because as an adventurous freak i always wanted to do that and travel alone, so that point made me involved, and for each and every one of us have such a point where we connect or imagine ourselves in the story. I started reading in the morning and once I got connected I decided to skip my classes for a day and complete reading that book, and as I moved along I traveled with him and slowly I started imagining my self the role. My adrenaline rises as I imagine some threat that poses and when I see some scary and crazy guy comes along, and my testosterone rises when he described about the daughter the wool merchant and imagined my first love and how I used to fantasize, and when some one praises him for his enormous knowledge on something, I felt that a small thing I learned will never be as small as we think, I imagined my girlfriend and the love we shared when I read about the intimacy he shared with the girl near oasis, and on thing that is admiring is his never give up attitude in becoming alchemist and seeking the hidden treasure.

And as days passed by I read many interesting books and I lived through the lives presented in those books, and every time I finishes a book I felt so satisfied and lived and experienced a new life and feel that there is some thing I gained from that book, I don’t know what its called may be ‘wisdom’.

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