Is it skill, will or something else?

One of biggest challenges leaders are facing today is of talent management. How do you drive individuals with different gratification needs, stage of life?

So is it skill, will or something else?

It’s about your culture

It all boils down to the Organization culture, beliefs and attitudes. At business our focus is primarily on transactions, the big question is how do you drive value.

If you look at enterprise landscape globally there is a feeling of disbelief and lack of trust between leadership and the work force.

The problem is not with the work force, it’s at the leadership level till the time that not resolved, organizations will continue to find it challenging to unlock value potential.

Skill can be imparted on job and will, can be only be aligned

A) If you show the big picture

B) Give directions

C)Acknowledge efforts.

Culture can not be outsourced you have to live it everyday !