Ionic is framework to built cross platform mobile application using HTML, CSS, Java Script.

Wait are you kidding ?

Can we write Build Mobile Applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript ?

Yes you can !!! We will study how to do that.

But first let’s focus on how to the set up required to build Ionic Apps.You need to have the following to start working:

1. Node Js and NPM

Use this link to get install node js or if you are using Debian system use sudo apt-get install nodejs. Once done check for the version of Node you installed…

What is Dynamic Programming?

The term Dynamic Programming was coined to describe the approach of planning and optimally finding the solution of a multi-staged problem.

Dynamic Problems deals with division of problems into sub-problems and then finding the solutions of these sub-problems to reach the solution.

You might be thinking then what is the difference between Dynamic Programming and Divide and Conquer approach?

Let us understand with a diagram. Basic difference between Divide Conquer and Dynamic Programming is that in Divide Conquer the sub-problems are independent problems, while in case of Dynamic Programming they are dependent on each other. …

Vipul Maheshwari

App Developer, Problem Solver, Keen to learn AI/ML

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