3 key ways to achieve “wow” in user Experience

There are three responses to user experiences — Yes, No and WOW! We help you to achieve the WOW! Each time you create or recreate your app, you desire to empower it with nothing but the best user experience. CanvasFlip comes in to help you with your mission. The stairs you should climb to reach this desire are –

1. Design for the platform:

The spectrum of user that you want to get under your umbrella is huge. And the variety of devices they use is not less than 7000. Also the displays could range from small screen display to medium to large to extra-large displays. To add to the complexities, iOS, Android and Windows follow different standards and conventions.

“Therefore, decide the platform of your app before you start designing it.

Also, it’s always recommended to become familiar with each OS so that you could conclude for yourself the particulars of each. (Try using your favorite food app on all three OS to understand which offers what!)

To know your screen size and kick-start your project, read the blog Screen size does matters

Genius is the ability to reduce the complicated to the simple” — C.W.Ceram

2. Decide your end user base:

When an app is released, it is presented to the entire spectrum of people. Demands, requirements and expectations of different genre of people will certainly vary.

“To be accurate with this parameter, decide the user base you want to capitalize on.

Streamlining this would certainly make the approach to please end user more effectively. Again there are few guidelines to be followed, no matter which sector you target-

  • Ensure your images and buttons are size-appropriate.
  • If your app is for multiple platforms, test it on each platform.
  • Make sure your app has quick loading time and if not use splash screens smartly.
“For the user to fall in love with your designs? Fall in love with your user.” — Dana Chisnell

3. Get the earliest and most accurate feedback:

Once the app is designed, the next stage before launch should be to share the same with a dummy audience. This more the merrier!

  • While receiving the feedback record minute details as to where the user got stuck and where issues popped up.
  • Try to figure out what they were keen into and what was just a decoration on the app.
  • Now that you have a detailed knowledge about the user experience, manipulate the app as you wanted the user experience to be.
  • Keep the iteration alive till you get the most satisfactory response.
“Supposing is good, but finding out is better” -Mark Twain

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Originally published at canvasflip.com on October 23, 2015.