“User testing insights” on the Pinterest app prototype @CanvasFlip

We have been hearing it like everywhere — “Pin it”, “Add it to your board” and so on. So what’s this crazy new thing everyone is buzzing about? Pinterest!! It’s a is visual bookmarking tool that helps you discover and save creative ideas.

The Pinterest UI/UX has always been unique. It was the first one to be build around cards. After this so many others switched to the card layout — Twitter moved to cards, Google moved to cards and everyone started moving to cards.

Let’s go step by step to discover and validate the usability of the Pinterest app prototype.

So here is the prototype of the app. Click on it and move around the screens to “Pin a sunglass to the board — Monika” It’s gonna be really interesting. Try this NOW!!

Did you just notice the “timer feature” being used when you pinned the sunglasses to the board? Amazing, isn’t? That’s how real the prototype just got.

Brainstorm about the flow of the Pinterest prototype with this automatically generated, super helpful UX Sitemap. Take a look at it and discuss if the journey to pinning could be made shorter.

(UX sitemap of the Pinterest app prototype)

We believe that user testing is most effective when done in the prototyping stage. So just share the project with your teammates, clients and real users; and fetch a cup of coffee before you get all the UX analysis data right in your account.

These insights are presented in 3 ways –

  • Session Replays (/User videos)

Spotting the mock-ups with higher drop-offs is done with the conversion funnel, next is to identify what went wrong on that specific mock-up. So just click on that particular screen, and have a look at the most interact-able area on the heat map.

This was an user analysis on the Pinterest app prototype. Are we still missing out on your favorite app? Or do you want us to cover your app on the #Flippd section of CanvasFlip? Do let us know. Drop us a mail on monika[at]canvasflip.com or post it on Facebook on our dedicated group for requests.

Prototype your app and user test it NOW! Try the new swag among designers! 😉

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Originally published at canvasflip.com on March 12, 2016.