100 Days Of Running.

I started running everyday from 1st Feb 2017 and i started it just for the sake of it in other words just to be more consistant going out early morning every single day. Of course there are drawbacks. he biggest one being the consistent impact forces on your knees. I mostly went out for an easy 2k in the initial days and gradually building momentum for quicker runs with a few really long runs over the weekends. For the 100 days i was able to manage 583 kms which again averages around 5k every single day. Gradually you start feeling your body getting used to it and responding well. Only thing to keep in mind is not to plan any hard runs in the initial days, try to stick with easy runs.

Jotting down a few takeaways from my 100 days running streak:

1. It helped me keep active during what runners consider “Off season” and at the same time getting few miles everyday doesn’t really hurt.

2. I no longer feel drowsy at office after a morning run because my body has got used to putting up those miles everyday.

3. Consistent monthly mileages are key to building endurance and this helped me pile up 583 kms in 100 days that equals close to 5km everyday.

4. Its much easier than you think, running a 2k which takes only 10 mins of your day. So your excuses won’t really work here :)

5. You get good pics to post everyday morning ;) LoL

6. Its addictive. Trust me you won’t stop here !!