Online Yoga Teacher Certification

Whether you are looking for a yoga teacher who can teach online? Here, the right place to learn yoga and get a certificate. This Is The Lowest Priced Yoga Certification Program On The Web And It Is Being Offered By One Of The Largest Yoga Portals In The World.

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Today there is no greater need than spiritual teachers and guides, and there is no greater calling either. I hope you choose to join us in walking this noblest of paths. Here is some of what the program teaches you.

Learn Basic and Advanced Hatha, Kundalini and Tantra Yoga

Learn Yoga Sequences, Kriyas and Sets

Learn Meditation and Pranayama (Yoga Breathing Exercises)

Learn Mudras (Hand Gestures) and Bandhas (Body Locks)

Learn the Fundamentals of Enlightened Living

Learn How to Teach a Yoga Class

Learn How to Run a Successful Yoga and Meditation Center

Learn How to Build a High Traffic Yoga Web Site

Help Spread the Light and Uplift the World

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