My professional activities so far

Finance, programming, philanthropy

This writing is a CV of mine written for those people I will get to know in the future.

As a kid I dreamt about helping society and improving life in overall.

When it came to the end of high school, I still was in love with all the sciences and arts and passionately wanted to make a reality from my ideas and start my first project as soon as possible. I knew that every project had one thing in common: they require a great amount of capital. Thats why I decided to study finance and accounting first.

In college, I participated in/managed two startup projects which both received investment offer. It was a great experience at a young age to learn things, but it wasn’t too serious.

I supplemented my university studies with tax case solving competetions and extra accounting classes.

When lockdown and remote education started, I volunteered to help students and teachers in public education to make the digital transition smoother for them. I realized that so many kind-hearted, good people are out there.

After that I worked at a bank as an analyst and also started investing.

I don’t think college degree would have any significance today in some fields. It is simply outdated. Perseverence and positivity are the only things that counts. Every information is free on the internet, our job is to handle our emotions correctly and use resources effectively. I had 3 completed semesters in the university. I received scholarships for outstanding student activity and for social innovation from my university. I am also a scholarship holder for the nation’s young talents program. I was so honored.

Now, I’m back on programming. I am planning to work as an employee to gain experience in the software industry for a couple of years, and also start some side projects and invest all my money. Currently I’m helping a friend to launch his soft dev company and self-learn machine learning and also launched my foundation, which is for high school kids’ digital education.

I base all my projects and work on the vision that basic ideologies should be re-established. Religious philosophy helps humanity to re-build our moral values when we are facing a groundbreaking innovation like right now. I always keep that in mind when I try to innovate.

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finance, programming, philanthropy 🇭🇺hungry Hungarian

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Virag Vegh

Virag Vegh

finance, programming, philanthropy 🇭🇺hungry Hungarian

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