14th Feb, a wonderful day for lovers, for me my love was my Startup.

14th Feb, 2016:

We were invited to an award ceremony in Ahmedabad, where we had to receive a certificate from our honourable Vice Chancellor of GTU. This day also happened to be the last day of our submission to get into SV.CO, for which our team worked for nearly20 days.

We didn’t sleep the night of 13th Feb, that night I was supposed to record the product deck’s mid speech, which I did, with horrible voice, signalling I was completely sleep deprived. Not just I, with me Siddharth and Dhaivat were howling too.

On the next day we edited the product deck, where our team was totally unhappy of what we were going to submit, but time was flying by and we had to leave for Ahmedabad, which happens to be 100 kms away from our town Vadodara, to receive the recognition.

Time 3:30 PM, we left for Ahmedabad. I uploaded the video on YouTube when we were on the highway. You can understand, how difficult that would be, with network signals bouncing off. We reached the place by 6:30 PM.

Now, we had to be present for the ceremony hosted by our university. Where we were required to sit through the monotonous proceedings. After a while the clock showed it was 8:00 PM. The award ceremony had not yet begun! We moved out of the place, went to our car and took out our laptop.

I handed the laptop to Siddharth to check the code for the final time before submitting.

He did exactly what he was asked to, and it was done. Now we had to upload our source code on GitHub. Previously, I thought playing with GitHub was easy. But it turned out to be exactly the opposite.

I downloaded the Git Desktop app, tried adding the repository and other files. But that wasn’t helping. The clock showed 8:26 PM and we got a call, that award ceremony was going to begin. So we had to rush in and collect our award as well.

We did go in, collected our award and had the much awaited dinner which I really disliked, because my mind was still thinking why the hell GitHub was’nt working. Perhaps, I thought, I should’ve learnt before, how to use GitHub.

It was 9:30 PM by then, we waved off adios to our friends back there and were on the mission to upload the source code on GitHub.

I tried all the procedures again, saw a couple of videos on YouTube, but hell it was for us. Nothing worked out.

I then placed a call to Raqib (Our representative at the time of admissions)! Informed him of the situation that was it necessary to upload the code on GitHub! The answer was probably not what we liked! But he gave me a number to talk with Jaleel (Cool Engineer of SV.CO) who could guide us to upload the code on GitHub.

So, we called him, for our last hope! He eventually did help us in surviving but not the way SV.CO wanted I guess. He told us that you guys can upload your source anywhere because we just need a link towards your source code so that we could scrutinise it.

We let out a sigh of relief, and then went on to upload our source on Google Drive, instead of GitHub.

It was 10:30 PM by then and we had this one task left to do, that was to fill the form on SV.CO with our submission details.

We were driving back to our hometown, had not slept for last 39 hours. We were sleepy yet determined, the mission now was to fill up the details on SV.CO.

The page loaded with much difficulty, thanks to the network! I filled out the form, cross checked all the links I attached, meanwhile Siddharth was driving the car. His eyes looked much swollen as well. But then we had to ensure, that we uploaded everything before anything bad happened.

Because we had to drive back more than a 100 kms and to add that much to our fortune was, we were sleep deprived as well. Driving back was a risk, well then entrepreneurship is also all about risk but we wanted to ensure we had filled in all the details which were necessary to start our journey, so we parked our car at a restaurant and filled out the form of SV.CO.

Much to our delight we didn’t receive any confirmation mail from , so I was like Seriously, the form has been filled up or the network issues didn’t allowed the request to be reached the servers of SV.CO!

Therefore, I filled in the form once again, this time I took screenshots, just to ensure that I would’ve a reason that we did fill in the form but somehow, it was not submitted to your (SV.CO) end. It was 11:45 PM by then, and we felt pretty relaxed after doing it.

After that, we travelled back home in the wee hours, all because Siddharth was driving. I don’t know how he managed to do it, but somehow he did! We were back home safe and sound.

The mission was finally accomplished!

Lesson that I learned that day, “Recognition for past achievements doesn’t decide your future, but what you do in present does.”