Everything you wanted to know about self drive car on hire

The service of self drive car rental has come of age in India. There are quite a number of self drive car rental agencies operating in almost all the major cities of the country. Most of these self drive car rental agencies provide excellent service and take a very customer friendly approach in their marketing. Needless to say, the service of self drive car rental is gaining immense popularity among the urban youth. Amidst a number of different reasons, the reason which stands out is the economy associated with self drive car rental.

First of all, it is quite simple to figure out that if you want to car for going somewhere in a group, renting a car is always the most convenient mode of action. Now, if you rent a car along with a driver, it would surely cost you more than if you rent only the car. Nowadays, most of you know how to drive. If you are going out of the city, you can arrange shifts in driving among yourselves. The bottom line is if you do not hire a driver, you would be able to save lots of money.

Most self drive car rental india services offer cars on an hourly basis. This makes the rental variable and dependent on your decision. So, you would get the idea how much it might cost to you if you avail the rental service for a particular number of hours. This means you have the plan of your expense already with you. If you delay for a few hours, that would be your responsibility with your full knowledge.

The self drive car rental rates are quite affordable, owing to the competition in the market. Most of the car rental services in the big cities are start-ups which are busy developing customer base using the market penetration strategy through low cost offers. A few self drive car rental services also sell loyalty cards. If you know that you might require to rent a self drive car multiple times in a month, buying a loyalty card will prove to be economical for you. If you become a loyal member of the car rental; agency, you would be gifted with discounts. In fact, after a few instances of hiring cars from the same car rental agency, you might not be required to pay the deposit money too.

If you acquire a self drive car on hire, you would be required to pay a certain amount of deposit money. This deposit money is taken for security reasons and would be reimbursed to you in full once you return the car. The amount of the deposit money varies according to the type of the car you rent.