The facility of on call Honda City on self drive.

Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India. Indeed, the beautiful South Indian city is the IT and engineering hub of the country. However, another characteristic of the city justifies its eponym. And, that characteristic is its sheer number of start-ups. The demographics of Bangalore city is youth centric. A large number of youth from all over the country has come to the city for jobs and have chosen settle here. With a huge population working in the service sector, the number of smartphone users is also very high in the city. All these factors have contributed in creating an environment in the market of the city, which encourages the development and growth of start-ups. It has been noticed that Bangalore is more open to newer ideas of start-ups when compared to other cities of the country and is the most likely to avail services from the start-ups. As a result, there are numerous start-ups operating in the city which have either captured a niche market or are expanding rapidly. However, it can be observed that most of the start-ups in Bangalore are accumulated in a few sectors. The five most common sectors are as follows.

  1. Food aggregators
    Food aggregators refer to the online platforms which list all the restaurants, sorted according to proximity to the customer and offer home delivery of food from those restaurants. The user gets to choose the restaurant and the exact meal on the online platforms, website or mobile application, and the payment can be done either online or offline after they order the food. The food aggregators deliver the order at the doorstep of the user.

2. Hyperlocal services
The hyper-local services refer to similar online platforms as food aggregators, which list all the grocery and stationery stores. You can order anything you want and the service would deliver the items from the nearest store. This service has not only provided users the luxury of home delivery of household goods but also expanded the market of the brick and mortar stores.

3. Car rentals
One of the highly growing sectors is the car rental service sector. These services maintain cars of all brands, and you get to select any brand of car for rental. These services not only provide larger rental cars like Honda city on self drive, but also smaller cars such as swift, figo etc.

Just like the sector of rental cars, the business of smart laundries is also huge in Bangalore. These services provide automated washing machine centres, where you can wash your clothes with minimal payment. In most smart laundries, you would also find the facility of dry cleaning along with detergent based washing.