The Best Places for A Bike Ride in Maharashtra

Mumbaikars are always looking for a break and take a short weekend road trip from Mumbai. The landscape does not disappoint either. For those who feel connected to the roads, the environment and the view, kick start your bike and take off. Here is a list of some of the best road trips from Mumbai that you can enjoy on bikes. So, we present a list of some wonderful road trips from Mumbai.

  1. Lonavala/ Khandala — Pack your essentials in aluminum motorcycle panniers and zap through the old Mumbai–Pune highway in your bike which will take you 1 hour 55 minutes. These roads are in great shape and have less traffic. Khandala is only 5 km away from Lonavala and you can visit historic forts, deep valleys, lakes and waterfalls.
  2. Dapoli — A bike ride full of twists and turns will take you to the Murud beach. Enjoy riding your bike on the half-wet beach sand. So, do not forget to take your motorcycle waterproof bags along with you. Then proceed towards other beaches like Karde and the beautiful Anjarla.
  3. Pelhar Dam — This place is in the Pelhar Village, close to Mumbai and is ideal for a one day road trip from Mumbai and will take 1 hour 50 minutes via NH 3 and NH8. Motorcycle tail bags are ideal for these trips. Some of the attractions here are dam, waterfall and wildlife sanctuary.
  4. Mahabaleshwar — The Mumbai–Mahabaleshwar bike ride is the longest one which is 248 kms away from Mumbai and takes around 5 hours 23 minutes via NH 66. But, its amazing views make up for the long ride. Do not forget to take your aluminum motorcycle panniers and enjoy the smooth and easy bike ride, barring the last 50 km climb up the hill.
  5. Pune — The road trip from Mumbai to Pune via Mumbai–Pune Expressway is amazing for the scenic view of the Western Ghats and the long tunnels. Choose an appropriate motorcycle luggage for this trip.

The road trips from Mumbai are perfect getaways. So, buy suitable bags and kick start your roaring mean machine.

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