Picking the Pace in a Grand Way

Hello, my name is Viral(Y-ral). I live in a soon-to-be metro city and which has just been declared as a world heritage city. My family runs a medium scale business of manufacturing wood furnishes, auto paints, sealers and all sorts of chemicals. I am currently 25 yrs old and have been in love with computers since I was 16. I am not a prodigy nor do I think I am a great programmer, but I love what I do. It has been 7 months now and I have been working a Jr Web Developer and my work does not stop there, I learn everyday, I teach everyday and I progress everyday. Currently, I am getting a grip on Laravel and I am looking to get into the PWA’s as I progress. This read is just to pour my heart out and tell the world that it is not bad to fail, life will not end there and you can achieve anything with sheer hard work.

The Beginning…

It all started in the 2nd year of my college when I absurdly failed and got detained for a full year. I was not a thinker of sorts and had no idea as to what will happen next. My thoughts were limited to what will I eat tonight when I first start to think in the morning. The possibility of me working for someone and let alone work for something was a sheer dream. I was pursuing a bachelors degree in Computer Engineering. We had 4 years of degree with more than 40 subjects and a minimum of 5 subjects per semester. By the time I reached the 4th semester I had failed more than 30 times in subjects and I was so scared that I did not even tell my parents about it. So, sitting there thinking of what should I do, I began to grow. That was the first time I had thought of what would happen tomorrow and where will I be in the next 5 or 10 or 15 years. The very thought of me failing scared the hell out of me. Thats the point in my life I was really scared. Scared so much that I was ready to end my life. I had even thought of ways to do it and how low I thought of myself. The next morning I woke up, strong armed my brain and started to layout the plan. I have failed a lot in understanding this. It is not easy. Life is hard. People are different and you have an opinion.

The Thoughts…

When the first time you think of your future you start understanding. Your perspective towards life changes, you have priorities, you have connections, you care, you have emotions and above all of these and others you have HOPE. The only thing in this world that keeps you going is hope. Hope is so strong, that even if some one else hopes that he will see you succeed you start believing in that. I had one such for me and that was my inner self. I was never loved by anyone, no one even cared that I existed or knew what is up with me or my life. The only thing people cared was how they can use me to their benefits. I was not a good learner, but I had the tendency to catch up with things very fast. So you only have to explain me once and you are done.(Only thing that is awesome about me).

Sitting there in my room with the knowledge of me failing and doing a detention for a full year I made up my mind to change that. The next year I taught my self HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, Ajax and PHP. I started doing freelance jobs as I had a full year to do something. I also did affiliate marketing and exposed my creativity to many people and made my friends in different continents. I utilized the full year and made enough money to get me through the next 2 years of my college and some. In that year I thought this was great and I kept on doing that, but then there was something everyone wants, to get more. I was never satisfied with little, I always want more. The year came to an end and I was supposed to start college back and get back to my curriculum. I did that and finished my 2 years and earned the degree I deserved.

The Failed Plan…

After finished my degree I was planning to go to USA for further studies. Now to get to USA I had to clear some basic English Speaking courses such as IELTS or TOEFL and to get directly admitted to the masters program I even had to clear GRE. I did them all and got admission in one of the top colleges. Now I just had to clear the visa interviews and then I was off to a new start in a different country. But there was still 6 months of time and I had no idea what would happen. I lost my grip at what I did 2 years back and I never communicated with people well enough. Anyway, the time for the visa interview came and I got rejected for visas. I tried again and I got rejected again. I wanted to try one more time, but my family lost trust in me and I even had a big fight with them. Currently all my plan was failing and I had no idea what was going to happen. I was so angry and frustrated and I did not know what to do and where to start.

What happened next…?

I got a job and started working full time. I even work more than the official time so that I can grasp everything and pick up the pace. I started working on making web applications in php using the CodeIgniter framework and I absolutely liked it. It was fast, followed MVC pattern and had a great documentation. I had a great grasping power so it took my only 2 days to get started and on the 3rd day I was given my very own project.

You are your best teacher

Always try to understand, the world will not do the same with or to you. It is up to you, how well do you want to shape your life. It has only been 7 months now, I work on every possible stuff they throw at me. Front end designing, web applications, database designing, server management, AWS, teaching new interns, making API’s, etc. Anything they give me I just have a positive attitude and a willingness to finish it, what so ever. I learned so much that I am slowly understanding how computers and the programmers think when they are creating or building something. I am picking the Pace in a grand way.

I certainly hope that some one out there finds it good. I am not looking to do it everyday but somehow writing it all down, makes my heart feel a little less hollow. I wasted a lot of time doing nothing, please do not make that same mistake. Always keep learning, always keep working and always keep smiling.