Wife And Mistress Team Up And Confront Cheating Husband

Now, I definitely don’t condone cheating, but if you’re gunna do it, I think the first rule anybody who’s two-timing needs to remember is to not let your girlfriend find out you’ve got a side-chick.Unfortunately for Sam (that’s all we know about him), he pushed his luck a little too far when it came to seeing two different women at the same time. After telling his girlfriend he has been involved in a car accident, he had actually arranged to meet his mistress in a shopping mall.Unbeknownst to Sam, his girlfriend had actually been in contact with his mistress, and they had agreed to call him out on his love-rat antics in front of everyone, and make sure the entire confrontation was filmed for the pleasure of the internet.The girlfriend introduces the video with the following statement;“Okay, so we’re catching my boyfriend cheating and meeting up with another girl right now, who I’ve been connecting with…”After meeting up with the mistress, the girlfriend makers her move. Sam’s reaction is far from savoury… The video was uploaded by a YouTube user going by the name Willow Manhattan, although I’m pretty certain that’s just an alias being used to protect both the women involved.What has become apparent in the comments section of the video is just how controlling Sam appears to be, and that most people are terrified of his “psycho eyes”.It’s a good job this guy was caught out on camera, because now these two women have gotten away from him, it means every other woman out there know who exactly to avoid.But of course, it’s not just men who cheat on their partners — women can be just as bad. When this fella found out his girlfriend was cheating on him, he decided to stage a fake proposal — but it was all just a plan to call her out!

Wife And Mistress Team Up And Confront Cheating Husband

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