10 Things You Thought You Knew About Squirting That May Be Pure Myths.

If you are a squirt lover, it’s time to correct some of the most often confused squirting facts.

1. “Squirting only ever happens in porn.”

False. Maybe you’ve come across a few X-rated squirting movies online and wondered if any real woman could finish like this. The truth is, yes, squirting is an entirely real sexual phenomenon.
In 1904, a psychologist named Havelock Ellis argued that female ejaculate was the same as male semen. Then in 1984, a study found that female ejaculate, male ejaculate, and the fluid produced by squirting are actually three completely different things.

Full article : http://www.viralladdy.com/1867/10-things-you-thought-you-knew-about-squirting-that-may-be-pure-myths/

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