Viral Information Gets an Impressive Waste of Time

What happens once we run-out of things to reveal? We come up with things that shouldn’t be discussing — some time losing articles that cost us a couple of minutes out of a-day once we might have been doing something more helpful. In this case, word banishment.

This story is really becoming viral (oh — viral — one of those words around the “reduce” list). Superior State University has produced its listing of phrases which were sent for the “H” file (today, why can’t they banish this 1, already?).

These are words that have joined our auditory space so frequently within the last year that they have become unnecessary and, frankly, annoying. Also discussing a fit on that list would be the words “unbelievable”, “man up”, “BFF” (close friends forever), and “wow factor”.

Perhaps you can consider greater activities to do than read my little bit on nothing important, however you have to declare, you can’t refudiate that the great backstory can definitely build an entertaining a-ha moment.

Did I fail in arousing your interest? If so, I apologize. I’m just sayin’ that I just like to live life to the fullest by scoping out and marking my estimation on new and entertaining resources of information.

If you would like to debate that, you’re able to Facebook me. If you should be one of the minorities would younot understand what Facebooking is, you can always Google it.

See what I did so there? Listed here is the listing of banished words/phrases from Superior State University, simply for your satisfaction:

Viral, unbelievable, fail, wow factor, a-ha moment, back-story, BFF, man-up, refudiate, mama grizzlies, the American people, I am just sayin’, Facebook (when used like a verb), Google (when used as being a verb), live life for the fullest.

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