Which Athletes Have Out From World Cup Semifinal?

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Who isn’t allowed to play in the World Cup semifinals? Rules and a list of yellow cards

Every player’s worst nightmare is getting a suspension for a major tournament final or semifinal.

Since yellow cards add up until after the quarterfinals, some players have been kicked out of the 2022 FIFA World Cup after getting two.

The Sporting News keeps track of the rules about yellow cards and the players who will miss the Qatar semifinals.

Who isn’t allowed to play in the World Cup semifinals? Rules and a list of yellow cards

How do suspension rules for the World Cup work?

FIFA wanted to make some changes to the yellow card rules for the 2022 World Cup so that no player would miss a final because of a suspension. After the quarterfinals are over, all breaks will be erased.

FIFA rules for the 2022 tournament say that a player can miss a semifinal if they get a second yellow card during the tournament. This can happen in the quarterfinals.

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After the group stages, all yellow cards were erased, so only 23 players, including, surprisingly, no England players, had a knockout-stage booking and were therefore at risk.

World Cup semifinal suspensions are sure to happen.

When Croatia played Brazil, none of their players were booked in a way that would make them miss their semifinal.

Marcos Acuna and Gonzalo Montiel got yellow cards in Argentina’s win over the Netherlands in the quarterfinals, so they didn’t play in the semifinal win over Croatia.

Walid Cheddira, a striker for Morocco, will not be able to play because he got two yellow cards after coming on as a substitute in their shocking win over Portugal.

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In the last quarterfinal, France beat England by a score of 2–1, and none of their players were suspended for the next round.

Only three players have been banned from the semifinals because they were suspended after the quarterfinals.

Argentina — Marcos Acuna

Argentina — Gonzalo

Montiel Morocco — Walid Cheddira



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