3 Wellness Solutions You Never Thought of in the Housing Industry

This may be no surprise to some involved in the real estate market, but there are now even more developments for this particular real estate trend of 2015 that’ll blow your mind as far as advancements and technology are concerned. Let’s just say green living has acquired its fair share of emerald shade, and multiple hues to fancy your fantasy. Think fairies in the garden….

Environmental and Health Concerns Solved by Holistic Solutions

You’ve got to love what gurus are thinking, beefing up the real estate industry in beneficial ways. After all, sunlight’s an important aspect of our good health, building up our confidence (and possibly getting a date), but aside from that, you can expect this relatively new system to be in place for the real estate market: “green” swimming pools.

For starters, I’m talking about a type of swimming pool designed to do away with the whole chlorine and salt stuff, purifying water through the use of an adjacent pool built with plant life and gravel naturally capable of cleansing the water. That’s right: no synthetic cleaning necessary. It does it naturally and organically.

Edible gardens, too, are making a hit in the industry, serving to not only be a decorative piece, but a dining one as well. Curly blue kale happens to be one of the highlights of that development. Lastly, when it comes to the economy, cutting costs is first and foremost, and thanks to advanced technology — and perhaps a little bit of help on the heat side, providing the necessary warmth, clean air and filtration for us to avoid allergies and asthma attacks—new heat recovery ventilation systems are starting to make their mark in 2015.

So Be on the Lookout—and Stay Healthy

That’s one thing about the real estate industry we can always get behind: it’s about our health and well-being. A home has to be fitted to the comfort level of the homeowner, but when there’s black mold in the basement, there’s a problem, right?

These are just the next steps to make sure there’s never any wonder if you’re truly healthy in your own home.

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