Avoid Home Improvement Overkill If You’re Looking to Sell Your Home

Have you ever been told not to beat your dead horse? No? That’s right! You don’t have a horse, and we don’t beat our domesticated friends — dead or alive — do we? No.

Now I’m telling you not to be beat your dead house. Stop beating your dead house. You are selling it. Gone. Stop obsessively redecorating it, renovating it, DIY-ing it. Halt. Pause. Breathe. From the belly now. Up and up and up and hold. Let it go slow. Feel your energy in your toes and finger tips.

This is a mindfulness activity. All the rage. You might feel some rage. You might become enlightened — at least about your house.

Walk around your home, you can bring your handheld device, use your phone flashlight:

Find any little chip in the paint, scuff on the walls or the floors, find where you meant to re nail that baseboard, or cut the edge for that last tile… You may deal with these small things. You may micro-renovate your dead house. You may play house-mortician with your kids, friends or domesticated friends. Your horse probably won’t help.

You won’t be having a showing if you spend your days pulling out counter tops because for you a slightly higher top would look better in the kitchen. You won’t be having a showing anytime soon if you pull out all the hydrangeas and put in sunflowers. You won’t be selling your house today if you spend $5,000 on ___ hoping to get $5,500 added onto your bottom line. Although, you can do DIY without spending a dime. There’s no way to know how much more you’ll take home after closing when you spend. Some unexpected things can effect your home’s price — Not within your realm of control. Breathe, let go.

Here are 6 major mistakes other people have made, but not you, never you. Right?

Chances are you are hard on yourself like you are hard on your house. Be gentle with yourself. You have done enough.

So stop spinning your wheels. If you want to spin any wheel, walk to the attic. Get that old rotor phone and give these angels of real estate your number. They will call you with ways to save money in your buying-selling-moving experience; ways you will for sure save money. They are not going to ask you to invest for a greater return, don’t worry.

The wheel you want to spin: Click here.