How You Can Learn From Britney Spears About How to Maximize Employee Motivation

Get your mind out of the gutter, please. I’m not talking about that. No, she’s not going to be a “Slave for U,” nor is she constantly going to dispense with the full words when writing and just use straight vowels and consonants, obviously. Rather, we’re not even talking about inviting Miss Spears to the corporate workplace, and no she won’t have any opportunities to get all “Fifty Shades of Grey” on you either!

Rather, we’re just going to take a bit of the methodology that comes from one of Britney Spears’ fun songs “Toxic” and apply it well to what it takes to motivate our employees.

Staying Away From Toxic People in the Workplace

Here we have basic truth: toxic people stink. They spread negativity, and no one likes working at a job where you’re surrounded by just that. If there was one thing Spears was great at, it was being positive about her subject matter in her songs.

Whether it was dating or other such “extracurricular activities” (whatever they may be), it was something absolutely positive. So how do we do that in our office? How do we exemplify that positivity?

Simply Put, You Make It Policy

This could be your countdown to excellent time management as you ensure that your entire office is on the ball with following policy. Put your foot down. Your supervision has to be on point. Negativity should be just as bad as losing a sale, or being rude to a customer.

When you establish those hard rules, undoubtedly you’ll get the bad apples making themselves known (which you then terminate) and you hold onto the good apples (which you keep). Then you know what happens? As Britney Spears would say: “You’re stronger than yesterday.” Oh, yes. And don’t forget to flip your hair….