“I Know You Would –”: the Only Way to Land an Interested Investor

I won’t lie to you: it’s a tricky dance when talking to investors about putting in some equity or shares in your company, or idea. You’re asking someone to take a chance — dare I say, a risk—on you. That’s a lot to ask. So there’s no doubt that many felt like they were negotiating with Jack Bauer with no luck (who would have luck?).

You Can, However, Succeed in Negotiation and Persuasion

It’s all about words, believe it or not — and which words you choose to use. That’s the key. Truly the only way you get that investor to say “yes” is to implant in that investor’s brain the will to say “yes.” You do that with words. That’s no lie. No one ever realizes just how much power there is in words, especially when trying to get a date with a pretty girl.

Case in Point: the Standard Closer “You’re Welcome”

Go ahead and follow me on this. You may be skeptical, but I bet you I can convince you of this the way Mr. Steve Maas, mayor of Grandville, Michigan, can regarding the snow on bus stops this wicked winter. Like I said: words can do a lot to make a person think.

Most people end their conversations this way: you’re welcome, or good-bye, or some other closer. What they don’t realize is they have an opportunity to leave a lasting impression by going one step farther. Take notes, because this is one thing you can say to a potential investor that will nag at that person’s mind like nothing else:

“I Know You Would Do the Same for Me”

There you go. You got the investor hooked. You landed the sale. You merged two companies together. You hired an employee. It was that phrase, “I know you would…” that got them.

Why is this so powerful? It’s called the ‘psychological principle of reciprocity’. You’re literally telling the person across from you to exactly the same as you’ve done. It could be anything, too: a compliment, a favor, even a business proposal. It could be anything tangible, but because you’ve turned it around and literally, confidently, claimed that the other would do just the same, you’ve planted the veritable seed, and that’s one redwood tree that’ll grow quite tall. They will instinctively remember to do the same likewise, and you never know: you just might wait a week, and that investor will remember your name, what you do for a living, what your project is, and will immediately want to put his hat on the table for you.

Subliminal Success

Like a pied piper, you and your flute gather the rats with ease, all because you literally expect them to. It seems far-fetched until you try it. It’s so simple—but it works. Don’t believe me? Well, let me try it on you: I “know you will” believe me.