Seriously? ….Rather interesting, especially given the fact that Beetlejuice really is all about death (and life… And the afterlife). But it turns out, as we all know, Lydia — that oddly strange and unusual death-obsessed teenager a young Winona Ryder once played off of a Geena Davis, Alec Baldwin, and (ahem) Mr. Michael Keaton’s Showtime — did not die at the end of the movie.

Many of You Might Say That It Could’ve Been Fitting for Lydia to Join Her Friends in the Afterlife, However….

Producer Larry Wilson of the film had to pause due to some ghostly dissension among the ranks. Many didn’t like the idea of Lydia dying. Believe it or not, but BEETLEJUICE was supposed to end with Lydia dying!

Here’s what Larry actually had to say during a recent interview about the history behind arguably Tim Burton’s best work:

Our first ending was Lydia—she died in a fire and was able to join Barbara and Adam in the afterlife. A couple of people said to us, ‘Do you really think that’s a good idea? Is that really the message you want to be sending to the teenagers of the world? Die in a fire?’ So, yeah, it probably was darker.

You Be the Judge: Was This Warranted? Or Would You Have Liked to See Some More “Death” in Beetlejuice?

And not just Harry Belafonte’s calypso music? Sound off.

Questions? Comments? Shrunken heads?

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