No Stars and Bars for Cars: Good-Bye, Confederate Flag

None of you might’ve noticed, but if you look at some of the models out there riding the highways, look at the license plates, you just might notice something that’ll blow your mind — the Confederate flag. How’s that for a mind mess?

We, however, don’t think much about that given the fact that the southern states do have the right to feel the nostalgia. It’s a part of our history. However, what with the Charleston killings we’ve experienced recently, something negative in the midst of South Carolina’s real estate waiting game, a Supreme Court ruling has done what some might think the unthinkable: that flag’s not allowed on vehicles anymore.

What This Can Mean for the Auto Industry

As with any trends in the auto industry, this is an adjustment. You’re talking about models and models in dealerships and homes facing an apparent order to remove anything with the Confederate emblem. We’re talking about license plating as well as imagery on the vehicles themselves. Thankfully, though, the removals won’t happen overnight, and no one out there’s going to get pulled over by a cop just because of an insignia of the Confederate flag on someone’s bumper.

Think about what this could mean for some who regard their opinions — don’t we have the right to have anything we want on our cars? Is this another case of the government taking too much control over an industry like automotive manufacturing?

All of This Over a Flag….

This does happen all the time. But the auto industry continues on with the changes of the times. Make no mistake, though: all things legal do make a difference in any industry. Even cars. For more information about automotive assistance, click here now!