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Pierre Roustan
Jul 31, 2015 · 2 min read

I might be preaching to the choir here about real rent-to-own homes and why we don’t want to be swindled by the scammers in the real estate biz, but what the choir does not know is how the prestigious BBB A-rated H.O.P.E. Program has recently gained access to not only such a free list of rent-to-own homes but a way for just about anyone to search for current listings within their zip code via this dedicated search engine-style website you can enroll in (read review here of the phenomenal site).

You Heard Right: These Are REAL Rent-to-Own Homes

And all it takes is a quick enrollment. You enter your information. That’s it. There’s no catch, no offers to fill out, nothing! Crazy, right? This all happens due to aggregates, affiliations and partnerships nationwide to provide those listings free of charge, along with the contact information for you, or your rent-to-own consultant, to make the contact and get the ball rolling.

You can imagine just how much of a benefit this is, especially for those in a true-blue excellent rent-to-own home program. Rent-to-own’s the rage in the market today. With the flexibility, freedom, negotiation and benefit regarding credit repair, plus necessity to take advantage of ID theft protection, either from LifeLock or the Ultimate Identity Theft Protection, this is nothing short of you taking control of your life. Taking control of your finances. Taking control of your future.

It’s Imperative That You Enroll Right Now

After all, the HOPE Program has the reviews to show they know what they’re doing. Whether it’s automotive, real estate, employment, or even education: H.O.P.E. to Own is here to help. And with these real rent-to-own homes, HOPE’s helping a lot!

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