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The Fable of Charge Dog and Credit Dog

Most people are sheep — and can make mistakes by following a poor idea.

Two sheep dogs came into a field with sheep. One was Charge Card and the other was Credit Card. Some sheep followed Charge and some followed Credit. The sheep who followed Charge dispelled their food as they went, stopping every so often to release the waste. The sheep that followed Credit did not stop to drop — they kept walking, and eating and compounding…interest. Charge’s followers didn’t make it to the top of the ridge first, but they did eat more food total, and arrived happy. Credit’s sheep reached the ridge first with distended bowels, unhappy. Some saw the better way in hindsight, and some just kept eating.

Some people are sheepish — and can’t admit they make mistakes.

The difference between Charge Dog and Credit Dog is that a Charge Card you pay as you go and the Credit Dog you may not and are charged an APR.

Too bad that’s not a charge card house you have…as in you’re paying it off — instead of a credit card how where you look out a ‘line’ on — against — for? your live — livelihood — a home.

One way to ease out of those mistakes is to play smarter, while digging away, excreting the poor habit. Credit Cards are just one way people use instant gratification to shoot their future selves in the foot. Bam! Paying rent when a rent to own home is cheaper…well hot dog!

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