Pierre Roustan
Mar 16, 2015 · 2 min read

Tinier Homes Make for Easier Maintenance and Utility Bills: Is It Worth It?

Some people seem to think so, apparently. The rage we’re seeing in the real estate market shows such a tiny Maine home, a regular trend these days over there in the East Coast, providing such an advantage to a homeowner. They save money —

The Major Benefits (or Flaws) of a Tiny Home, Streamlining Cost

This may be far from a program like H.O.P.E. to Own ever not endorsing, because they’re all about home ownership, big or small, anyway — but in all reality, having a “tiny home” is an acquired taste (but once you acquire it, it’s pretty tasty!).

First off, the minimal living makes for easy payment of all your necessities. The trade-off, though, is you’re forced to incorporate your living right in the outdoors. Are you outdoorsy? Maybe, maybe not. That’s something you have to consider when considering such a tiny home.

If you don’t like the outdoors — but love the streamlined cost — you fall prey to the ever powerful force of cabin fever. As if it wasn’t troubling enough to be all alone in a mansion — try being alone, day in and day out, in a tiny home with square footage no bigger than a studio apartment.

Interestingly enough, even studio apartments have an ability to be part of something larger — like a community. Tiny homes, however, don’t. Usually, you’re free from community, living independently, among the joys of nature and expanse that is so overwhelmingly large.

It can be, however, pretty lonely at times….

Is That “Loneliness” Worth the Savings, Though?

That’s the question of the day. For many, though, the big question is whether or not to move “up” in the market and get more square footage. I’ll end, though, with that same question posed in a different way and presenting probably the best advantage a tiny home can provide:

If loneliness is your problem…. At least you can pick up your belongings, change addresses, and get a change of scenery — all without having to move to a different house!

Pierre Roustan

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