Top Real Estate Sites on Twitter a la @Starwise

Pierre Roustan
Sep 15, 2015 · 2 min read

If you’re into real estate, you just might be into social media in a big way. And if you’re into social media, chances are the hashtag #realestate has plenty of meaning to you, not just for the likes of Facebook and even Pinterest, but especially Twitter, where realtors and gurus alike in the industry trade information, news, how-to’s and everything and anything you need to know about real estate from front to back —

And Make No Mistake: It’s Important to Keep Up With Those Real Estate Trends

Go ahead and look at Starwise’s profile right now as we speak…. Those are a lot of updates. But truthfully, this isn’t about @Starwise and his apparent knowledge of the real estate industry (among other things) but rather what he has been tweeting about regarding real estate and where. Namely, there are three properties you’ll notice here:

> H.O.P.E. Program Tweets — Here we have the BBB A-rated H.O.P.E. to Own, a program many might be familiar with especially if you’re looking to repair credit for the purpose of securing a home mortgage. It makes sense that there’s a lot out there in the Twitterverse regarding this, but @Starwise certainly has the goods on some of the best updated content right here.

> Nationwide Property Values Tweets If you know Zillow, you’ll know #NPV pretty well. For current homeowners, this site’s a must with all the comprehensive content and services available, so it’s no surprise that Twitter has the goods circulating about everything NPV knows. Get in the know right now on this link.

> The Complete Real Estate Site Tweets — Lastly, not to be outdone, when you have something as comprehensive and, well, complete as a real estate site like this, you can rest assured: Twitter will see a lot of these articles bouncing in and out of the Twittersphere as Starwise so eloquently tweets on a regular basis as shown in this article. Want to know about real estate investments? Home buying? Home renting? Rent-to-own? Home selling? This is the site. Guaranteed.

So What Are You Waiting For? Start Catching Up on These Sites and Twitter!

Do we think Starwise knows what he’s talking about? Well, yes. But it’s because he has been reading up on these sites. And he tweets about them. If that’s not how to be in the know about the real estate industry, we don’t know what is.

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