Why Kickstarter in Grand Rapids, MI, Is Kickstarting the Economy

The new wave of funding and fundraising for startup businesses and commercial real estate has crashed on the surf and caused a lot of foam to spread in ways only surfers would dream of. Is it true that capital investments and other traditional methods are taking a backseat? Can Kickstarter be the new big dog on the forefront, particularly in our town of Grand Rapids, Michigan? It’s possible. Just bear this in mind, though: you have to use this method of crowdfunding correctly for it to work well.

Kickstarter: Not a “Sit Back and Relax” Service

Crowdfunding campaigns don’t come easy, but if you’ve got the skills, tactics, techniques — and more importantly, the drive—you’ll accomplish monumental results, like some of these local startups in town, Oxx LLC, Rapid Hammock LLC, and Intricacies. With Kickstarter’s crowdfunding model, these new businesses achieved popularity and growth in ways mega-corporations could only dream of.

For sure, though, they didn’t just sit around and let the website do the work. Some pre-planning and due diligence with their crowdfunding strategy was called for, undoubtedly. Communication with backers is key when it comes to crowdfunding. Think of it as a type of customer relationship management module designed to help you connect with your backers and gain more and more of a following. Why is this important?

Check out the statistics, for one thing, on a good 205K campaigns already launched on Kickstarter to date: 61% of them didn’t even meet their goals, and a measly 21% didn’t even receive one single pledge to their causes. Why? They didn’t implement the correct strategies. That’s why.

With Those Strategies, Too, You Can’t Count Out Capital and Private Investment

Don’t get me wrong, though; I love me some good ol’ fashioned word-of-mouth advertising, raking in the visibility all on my own with minimal overhead. Why not, though, support that with some venture capital opportunities and private investment options? The trick, though, is to not always, or even much, rely on that avenue of fund development.

It’ll bolster your results just that much more. When it comes to your startups, you couldn’t be happier.

Grand Rapids Will Be Seeing a Startup Upsurge, Though….

You can count on it. Just follow these specific strategies to the letter. It’ll take more of a commitment on your end. But isn’t it worth it?