Why the Silent Generation Can Still Purchase a Home in Today’s Market (Believe It or Not)

Sure, we talk a heck of a story about millennials, Gen-xers, and the baby boomers — right here in this big piece on the real estate market — but we can’t forget the ones who’ve been around longer than all of us. The silent generation. Are they still kicking? Surely. They most definitely are, and the proof is in the data:

Why the Silent Generation Still Makes a Decent Killing in Real Estate

Is there any other proof we need that the real estate market here in the U.S. is a hot commodity? Sure, it’s looking great in Texas and in the Big Apple for obvious reasons, but what we really want to know is what the buyer demographic really looks like — who’s buying? And consequently who’s selling?

Here are two aspects you need to keep in mind when looking at the market from the silent generation’s perspective:

Mortgage Financing Is Still a Big Issue With the Silent Generation

Yes, even the silent generation is still looking at the options for mortgages on homes, moving out and obviously staying active in the market. Maybe health’s a lot better these days, retirement’s more about living life and not in an old folk’s home.

Here’s the proof right here.

And What the Silent Generation Values in a Home Buying Prospect May Surprise You

It’s not simply about the down payment, price or even the proximity to entertainment. Rather the silent generation values this the most.

This should tell you something — growth in home prices, down payment, and even the new TRID rules won’t matter. The homes on inventory for sale will largely still be vibrant. And you can thank the silent generation for that.

It’s a Fact: the Real Estate Market Will Continue to Climb

Case in point: if even the silent generation’s still interested in pushing the envelope for home buying and selling, then rest assured: it’ll only get better from here. The options will continue to be available. And your outlook in real estate will continue to shine.