Why You Can’t Build Self-Confidence Through Success, Money and Sex

Just stop trying to “climb a ladder.” That’s not going to get you anywhere. Think about it. Once you get to the “next floor,” so to speak, what else can you do? Go back down? Go up? So what if you’re on the “next floor.” What are you getting out of it?

Understand, though, that I’m not knocking ambition as a hollow way to drive accomplishments. Believe me: it’s awesome to be like the Avengers, working as a team, achieving heroic acts of greatness, and the great caped ones — whether in blue and red or just plain black (with bat ears)—will recognize your splendor and super-coolness, but bear this in mind: you didn’t accomplish all your feats of strength without being strong in the first place, right?

Your Self-Confidence Has to Come First

With any tips to maximizing self-confidence, you have a starting point. Your starting point should be you.

Not your job. Not your home. Not your muscles. Not your sex appeal. Not your 401K. Not your real estate portfolio or how many pieces of property you’re renting out. Not even Captain America’s shield.

Self-confidence starts with you.