We can’t wrap our heads around it (but we can sure spin our heads). It turns out that producer Larry Wilson on behalf of the great mastermind Tim Burton had to spill the beans on a few things in a recent interview with Yahoo! — one of them being this:

The Movie BEETLEJUICE Actually Was Going to Go With a Different Movie Title!

I know, right? I’m spinning, too. BEETLEJUICE arguably stands the test of time as the most oddball, fun, quirky and truly Tim Burtonish of titles for good reason. So we can’t for the life of all of us figure out how it almost didn’t get christened as such.

You’ll flip as to what the movie title was going to be… (Excuse me, your head will spin).

Here’s What Wilson Had to Say About the Iconic Film BEETLEJUICE:

The title that I remember being suggested, pretty much before the release, was House Ghost,” Wilson recalled. “I bet it was David Geffen who said no to that, and a big firm no. There were marketing people within Warner Bros. who thought no one would know what ‘Beetlejuice’ was, but they’d know what a house ghost was. Thank God [they went with Beetlejuice]. I would not like to be here talking about House Ghost the movie.”

And there you have it. Imagine that. The trailer of this weirdly ghostly funny and sort of scary film — called “HOUSE GHOST.”

Wow. I’m utterly spellbound.

Thank God they went with this Beetlejuice thing and that the studio trusted the freakish minds behind the afterlife.

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