Cold Work Steel

Cold work tool steel is exposed to high stresses and needs nice resistance against wear, impact and bending. The development of latest steel grades is especially guided by analyzing harm suffered by tools in numerous processes. In every space of use, properties are sought-after which can extend the operating lifetime of the tool. Differing types of wear and tear demand differing types of steel. Product development is moving towards manufacturing additional strong steel with higher resistance to wear and bigger sturdiness, like our third GENERATION powder metal steel grades.

We can facilitate the tool user to decide on the proper steel and warmth treatment for the applying. This sometimes ends up in lower tooling prices, lower maintenance prices and fewer periods.

IDENTIFYING the sort of wear and tear

The following work material properties should be thought-about to determine the dominating wear pattern (abrasive, adhesive or mixed) to be expected:

Type of work material

Hardness of labor material

Presence of arduous particles within the work material

Thickness of labor material

Type of coatings, if any or the work material, e.g. metallic element (galvanizing)

This is the foremost basic step as a result of it’ll verify that wear resistance profile the tool steel ought to have.


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