Mobile Apps are going to drive business for next 3 decades .

Mobile Application Development

As per recent research was done by Indian Council for Research on International Economic Relations ( and Broadband India Forum(BIF) that mobile apps have added $21 Billion USD to Indian GDP during 2015–16. and expected to grow $270 Billion USD by 2020. Internet data is going to drive the industry.

Internet Economy will contribute up to $538 Billion USD to Indias GDP in 2020 in which minimum of $271 Billion USD (around 50%) will be contributed only to mobile applications.

Fall in Printed news paper subscribers : Print media have already seen steep fall in their subscribers count and advertisement revenue. Across the world, news and media companies is now heavily investing in the online medium for publishing news.

Fall in Television Subscribers Count: Small screen media channels (i.e TV News, Entertainment) is also facing challenges in retaining their subscriber base. Companies started focusing towards on-demand videos. The Growth of on demand video like ,, already witnessing the change.

Shift in music industry : Audio and Video music industry has also witness shift in the way people consumes music. The Growth of companies like , ,, Apple music is already witnessing the change.

Since all industries are already started realizings the change in their subscribers interest, Mobile Application Development in India and around the world is becoming focus point to bring this change. With 16 Billion App Downloads only from Google Play Store and 140 Billion App download from Apple Store till 2016, Android Application Development and iOS Application Development is already picking up on its demand.

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