Why the heck Bitcoin ‘might’ split in two? (explained in plain English)
Mohit Mamoria

Great article. Many thanks. Can you please confirm my understanding?

1. If the hard fork occurs and btc splits into btc and bcc (or whatever it might be called), a. btc and bcc addresses will not overlap because derivation path for bcc is different; b. two-way replay protection adds bcc-specific change to the format of the bcc txns, rendering them invalid on btc network; and c. one must only remember not to send btc on bcc address and vice-versa. Correct?

2. Exchanges and hardware wallets who have indicated their support for both btc and bcc mentioned that they will credit an equal amount of bcc. So 1 btc will result in 1 btc + 1 bcc. Does this mean, whatever bcc trades at after the fork, there is potential to make some money??

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