The Ionic Framework command line utility makes it easy to start, build, run, and emulate Ionic apps. In addition, it comes with (optional!) integration with the Ionic Cloud, a set of mobile backend services perfect for Ionic apps.

Use the ionic --help command for more detailed task information.


$ npm install -g ionic

Note: For a global install of -g ionic, OSX/Linux users may need to prefix the command with sudo or can setup proper file permissions on OSX for npm to install without sudo.

Minimal node requirements:

NodeLTS or greaterNPM 3x

Starting an Ionic App

To start a…


Cordova Officially supports iOS, Android, Blackberry, Win, Amazon and Firefox Cordova + You choose UI framework (Kendo etc.) We choose structuring patterns (MVC and angular etc.) NFC support via third-party plugin (PhoneGap-nfc). Need to test! Backed by an Open-source group\community No on-line build service available. Local option requires SDK’s and hardware. Command-line support: Which should enable CI No first-party app for quick testing Free Exclusive Cordova plugins



Phonegap Officially supports iOS, Android, Blackberry and Win Cordova + You choose UI framework (Kendo UI etc.) More UI work: Might take longer create a slick looking UI We choose structuring patterns (MVC…

In this post we will be discussing about faking or mocking REST API for frontend development. Sometimes when you are building an application without back-end in place, you need to mock API to save time. This json-server save some time by providing an easy way to create Restful APIs for development and testing.


You need to install json-server using the command npm install -g json-server, which will install the json-server globally thus you can start the server from any directory you like.

Creating JSON file — db.json

Next thing is to create a resource file which contains the details of the API which we will…

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Software Engineer (currently_working_on_Angular2_Ionic2_Hybrid_App_Development)

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