Let’s have a laugh together: flying cars 😂. The very concept has become amusing to some. Others just smile knowingly. Because the concept is attractive, isn’t it? We sit in our cars every day, crawling along the road and we fantasize about just taking off into the sunset. That’s why so many inventors have promised it for such a long time that it’s become a running joke.

an old goodyear ad showing airtaxies piloted by humans
an old goodyear ad showing airtaxies piloted by humans
The world with airtaxies piloted by humans never came to be

We could go into a laundry list of reasons why a flying car is a bad idea, but this article isn’t about flying cars. The basic design paradigm of cars does not apply…

Don’t be afraid of distractions — illustration of this article by my friend Raluca Mitarca. She’s an amazing artist and you can find her on instagram and behance.

Many people today say they need to eliminate distractions from their lives. Everything needs to be focused. Fiction is a waste of time! Focus on your work! Gaming is just a deep hole to sink into. Some are even proud that they only read technical or self-improvement books. But is hyperfocus really helping us achieve peak performance? I argue that it’s doing us a disservice by creating tunnel vision. Let’s dive into a little bit of tech history.

The Artificial Intelligence revolution, that’s happening now, owes its entire existence to computer games. It’s a classic case of technological crosspollination and…

It wasn’t even a good thermostat. It was a mediocre one that served a single purpose: to allow me to set the temperature when I was out of town through a smartphone app. Mind you, it was a pretty bad app too. But for all its shortcomings the little thermostat worked continuously for more than 3 years. It recorded the temperature, turned on the heater at the right time to keep things comfy and made nice daily reports about the usage. It even saved me money on my gas bill. Then in December of 2018, as I was preparing to…

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