Ethereum is game-changing technology, literally.

Ethereum is an unprecedented arena for playing cooperative games.

Ethereum enables powerful economic vehicles we don’t yet understand.

Example 1: The Prisoner’s Dilemma

Game Warping the Prisoner’s Dilemma. Green denotes Nash equilibria.

Example 2: The Stag Hunt

Game Warping the Stag Hunt. Green denotes Nash equilibria. Outcome is the same as in Prisoner’s Dilemma and cooperation is now the sole equilibrium.

Example 3: The Chicken Game

Player A publicly warps his own actions to force player B into a choice between -1 utility for Swerve or -100 for Straight. Acting Rationally, Player B chooses to Swerve, and player A gains the reward.

Example 4: Warping Other Players’ Games

Contract extorting A to pay money so that the contract will refrain from incentivizing B to always go Right. Green denotes Nash equilibria. This game-warp is equivalent to the infamous p+epsilon attack.
  1. Go through a classic game-theory textbook.
  2. Enumerate all of the common non-cooperative games.
  3. See for how many of those games cooperation could, via conditional payouts or deposit burns, yield a superior equilibrium than the original Nash equilibria.
  4. Discover prominent industries where these games appear.
  5. For each industry, determine if the player actions could be made into on-chain events. Then for each resulting industry,
  6. Submit a startup proposal to become a ConsenSys spoke.

Special Projects @ Ethereum Foundation

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Virgil Griffith

Virgil Griffith

Special Projects @ Ethereum Foundation

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