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May 18 · 2 min read

The “real men” that she refer to in the article as having everything sorted, were actually the ones who had a lot of struggles and hurdles and hard times early or in the mid-teens and twenties, and did you know that they were actually the men who had potential? The men that she refers as “real men” took a lot of beating, patience and rejections and didn’t succumb to escape routes and rather chose to take command of their own lives, while the men that failed her, couldn’t exercise order into their life. Both the types had potential, one decided to use it, and the other type didn’t.

The men, who she refers to as having potential, had very destructive and major personality flaws which negated all that they had, which she maybe couldn't foresee how disastrous could turn out to be back then and now she wants to leave a message for fellow women to save their time and emotional energy falling for the kinds of that. They were the men who could have been saved but didn’t want to be saved in the first place.

For the women reading this.

  1. You’ve potentially already ignored the “real men” kinda men cause you didn’t find them too exciting. Well settled relationships are not actually obligated to be exciting, they’d rather make you feel like being at home with the family you can’t run from, but exciting.
  2. If you’re ending up with a “real man”, don’t be the “unreal woman/woman with potential” lol.
    Ps By “unreal woman” I mean a woman having the same negative/ destructive traits like the “unreal men” in the article.

I also wrote a similar article for fellow humans. I wrote about things that one should consider and evaluate before getting into a relationship.

Here’s a link if you’d want to have a look.

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    they were too scared while I was facing my fears. Writer for Live life on purpose, The Backstory. Instagram : st.squidward

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