Weekend Things, S02E01

Back on my couch, with Wilson, after three years away.

I honestly don’t know why I thought I’d write this round-up in seasons, because I am compulsive about routine and once I’ve done something twelve times in a row, it’s very unlikely that I will ever stop until I stop (and then I’ll stop forever). But I’m starting S02 today because we arrived back in Australia this week and that feels like reason enough to turn the page.

That said, I wanted to get straight back on the plane when I saw the cartoon that depicts, in Bill Leak’s deranged estimation, the real cause of Indigenous disadvantage in the Northern Territory (hint: it’s not systemic oppression). I can’t even bring myself to describe the content let alone link to it. I’m glad that some advertisers are pulling out in protest; The Australian courts public outrage, so being horrified by their continued publication of Leak’s garbage simply encourages them.

I didn’t know what a ‘sovereign citizen’ was until this week, when I read this totally crazy story in California Sunday. Now it turns out we have one in the Senate. Anyway, henceforth I wish to be known as VIRGIN-IA: Mur-doCH.

Australia’s GPS is off by 5 feet and San Francisco’s Millennium Tower is sinking and there’s still no new Frank Ocean album, hahaha.

Bee took the same approach to hiring writers, creating a blind application process that didn’t favor people who’d already had success. (It spelled out, for example, how scripts should look when submitted, leveling the playing field for the uninitiated.) Lo and behold, she ended up with a writers’ room that looked kind of like America: 50 percent female; 30 percent nonwhite. One of her hires had been working at the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles.

I’m pretty sure I’ve already linked to this Rolling Stone article about Samantha Bee, but I keep returning to this quote. Hiring is really hard and messy, and it’s so easy to be swayed by something trivial*, like the way an applicant’s CV is typeset.

* if you’re not hiring a typesetter

Yelldesign’s Papermeals got a shout-out on the AV Club, which makes me incredibly happy and proud and excited for them. What a great crew.

This week in “What Are We Going To Do Without The Obamas”: Barack Obama on feminism.

I’ve been a remote worker for years, but I’m now a very remote worker, with many thousands of kilometres and many timezones between me and my gang. I like many these suggestions for developing a supportive remote work culture, particularly those that encourage giving flexibility to in-house employees to match that enjoyed by remote staff (via Michael, who also shared “you must try, and then you must ask” — the people of Icelab know how to do things).

The Olympics is on! I know this because when we landed in Melbourne at 6:30am on Thursday morning, we were welcomed by Brazilian drummers and wiggly-bottomed dancing ladies. Is there anything you want less after a 15-hour flight than Brazilian drumming? Anyway, the Olympics. I remember when I used to breathlessly anticipate them; now, they’re just a snakepit of corruption and corporate bullshit and I can’t wait for them to disappear. But I do intend to watch Simone Biles being amazing in the gymnastics.

I can’t think of anything more relevant to my interests right now than a three minute montage of Kate McKinnon talking about her cat.

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