A Guide to Leash Walking Tools

There are dozens of leash walking tools on the market today. Many companies try to market their product as the perfect solution to leash pulling. “Just use our equipment and your dog will never pull again.”

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Unfortunately, these companies only sell the tools, not the methods or techniques to actually train the dogs that wear them.

No tool on its own can stop a dog from pulling on a leash. Why? Because it takes training to stop that behavior, not a tool. Tools do not train dogs, people train dogs, sometimes with the help of tools.

The problem with these tools is they address the symptom, not the root cause. You may reduce pulling with certain leash walking tools, but you aren’t addressing why the dog is pulling in the first place. …

The case study discusses Carly, a Golden Retriever puppy scared to walk on hard surfaces.

[The names of individuals in this case study were changed to ensure privacy.]

This case study was conducted as a training regiment for one of my clients, a 6-month-old Golden Retriever puppy named Carly. Although most of my behavioral training contracts last upwards of four sessions, the techniques used in this particular case displayed such immediate results, I felt it was worth producing a thorough explanation of the circumstances in this case study.

Carly was a beautiful 6-month-old pale white Golden Retriever. Her owner at the time of training, Laura had recently adopted her from her previous owner, who may have been a home breeder according to the descriptions given by Laura. Other than the little information relayed by the previous owners, there was not much to tell about Carly. …

This case study was conducted as a training regiment for one of my clients, a 1-year-old beagle mix named Harper. The training process documented here not only addresses the behavior of the dog, but also the behavior of the resident cat, a polydactyl boy named Winston.

Dog History

Harper was rescued from a puppy mill and adopted shortly before training sessions began. Mark and Kelly were looking for a cat-friendly dog, and according to her experience at the shelter, Harper was a good match. …


Virginia Houser

Dog lover for life, dog trainer for 15 years. Lead trainer and founder of Gray House Dog Training, LLC.

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