Essential Tenets of the Sensitive Meme Bros of Instagram

Hey girl. Bet you didn’t know there’s more to me than gym selfies and #fitspo instagrams on #legday. That I can post about more than my gym sesh in which I work on my ass, expressed via a fun peach emoji. There’s a depth to me of which you might be unaware, not to mention a generosity to share my wisdom with you for free. I’m a #writer now, a #poet, even, and memes are my medium.

No, you didn’t ask me to inspire you, sometimes several times a day, but here is another photo of a shaded boat dock during a beautiful sunset with my words trampling over it, in all caps or in an insipid cursive font, my gift to #inspire you. It matters not what continent this photo was taken on, nor whom I stole it from. It is a now a meme, but more accurately, an original and thought-provoking work of creative writing.

Here are my guiding principles for inspirational meme creation; feel free to hit me up in the comments.

I will see nothing incongruous about sometimes combining #fitspo memes with images of nature, such as a soaring bird or a field of wildflowers, with the hashtag “beastmode.”

I will not spell-check my art, and provide you with inspiration everyday.

Sometimes my memes won’t make any sense, but it is your job to figure out what I’m trying to say.

I will express regrets about past relationships, often in memes depicting lone wolves howling into the starry night, and remain oblivious about how unsettling the simmering rage and resentment they reveal is.

Sometimes I will quote Tyler Durden without irony.

Sometimes I will keep things light and joyful, like when I scold you via meme, WHEN YOU CAN’T FIND THE SUNSHINE, BE THE SUNSHINE.

I will endeavor to interact with fans of my memes in the comments section, tossing back extra wisdom when they ask why they can’t write as good as me, such as “Beauty blooms not to write but to inspire.”

Sometimes my memes will be veiled excuses for why I don’t have many friends, such as I’M CLOSE TO VERY FEW PEOPLE BUT THOSE PEOPLE MEAN THE WORLD TO ME.

You will see lots of references to #blessings in my memes, but note that I am “spiritual” not religious because the latter does not sound as cool.

I will put my name on original memes, after a dash, to ensure I get the rightful credit when my wisdom about President Trump or letting things go is shared.

Sometimes my memes will obliquely reference terrible things I’ve done in my life but also how completely I’ve forgiven myself.

My memes will often reference the isolation I feel along with subtle accusations that it’s other people’s fault for not grasping my depth.