Developmental Idea #1

As many of you know Las Vegas is basically centered around crime. Without it there is no point of having law enforcement, so I want to help make the game play of criminals and non-criminals to be improved. With this being said I am going to discuss my very first plan that I would like to add into Las Vegas. This idea may sound a bit funny but it will help add to the game play. I am wanting to add a border for when Visitors join the game. With the new Border Patrol that is being led by TheySinned. I thought it would only be fair to add a purpose for them to actually go to Las Vegas. The Visitors would spawn there and have to go through security doors and such to actually enter Las Vegas rather than just spawning it at the Americans spawn and starting to mass murder. This will add an extra layer of protection for the Citizens that might not like the illegal’s spawning at the same spawn as they do.

This might sound like a joke but in all honesty I mean it and it will be a great feature to add to Las Vegas.
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