Coming Out as Bipolar — Tales of a Serial Entrepreneur
Deborah Chang

Hello and Thank You Deborah for using your skillful writing and brave heart to share so candidly your experiences and resources. I know you are touching many people’s heart, inspiring and opening our eyes to be more sensitive and sensible to mental health issues around us. Years ago, my dad told me that my grandma suffered from Schizophrenia, at a time when there was no real treatment for this, my grandma suffered greatly unnecessarily isolation and insufferable despair. People that loved her did not understand and hurt her without knowing. I am OK, my family is OK, I never had a chance to meet my grandma but the though of having another family member suffering it or suffering it myself at some point in the future is sort of in the back of my mind. Hence always curious about the latest research, treatments and looking after myself every chance I get. I recently come across an article in the newspaper about Oestrogen treatment for women who suffer depression or extreme mood changes. I think you may find it interesting or even helpful, google: “ Reproductive Depression” + “Oestrogen gel treatment” + “ Professor John Studd / Dr Craig”. Best of luck with your life, projects and business… and thanks again for sharing your amazing talents girl!

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